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Tackle it Tuesday – #5 January 30, 2007

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This week’s tackle has gone from a 2 hour job to a “now we’re on our 3rd day of trying” job! Some of you know, my dad owns a small car dealership. It’s a long story for those of you who don’t know, but to sum it up, my family has owned and operated the Chevrolet store here for 60+ years. My dad decided he was tired of the headaches associated with the large store so has been seeking a new path since 1994. In 1997 we opened our store, in 2002 we sold it, in 2003 we took it back and now it’s ours again. When I quit I left my job there (as the go to girl who did everything but buy and sell the cars) to my sister-in-law. I was tired, stressed, and really just at my wit’s end. I still help out occasionally when something comes up that she doesn’t know how to do. This is one of those times.Year end books (can I get a collective UGH??) So, for the most part they are simple but there are things that have to be done that aren’t so simple and aren’t easily handled from my mom’s laptop or mine. Quarterly reports are the bane of my existence. Every quarter I complete them at the last minute. I am resolving after this one to get them done next quarter in a more timely manner!! Eventually my sister-in-law will learn to do them, but they are complicated and even I after 10 years completing them still have to remind myself each quarter just how to do them! So we started on Friday, 1099’s had to go out, W2’s had to go out, and the last three state reports. Well it turns out we forgot to show her how to do a W-9 on each vendor!! If you know accounting, you know you can’t do 1099’s without the W-9’s completed!!! After 3 hours of searching through literally hundreds (13 years worth) of vendors to find the active ones, we had sent out the W-9’s for everyone we didn’t have one on, knowing that was a large portion of our vendors we decided to do the 1099’s themselves (as well as the rest of the list) yesterday.

Well… do you think Elizabeth cooperated? NOPE!! My normally sweet, loving, amazing baby, screamed for a full hour at the store!! Finally no one (including myself) could take another second of it bouncing off the walls in this place of business. So, after printing the 1099’s and starting the printing of the W2’s I left Amy to finish them so I could come home and see to Elizabeth’s needs. Now to be honest, a lot of Elizabeth’s problem is that she’s very sheltered. Joey was SO sick for SO long I keep her closed up in the house safe from germs. I know it will bite me in the butt when she starts pre-school with few immunities, but if she doesn’t get RSV even one time it’s totally worth it to me!! It’s worth mentioning here that by her age Joey had already had 3 major surgeries and was only about 2 months away from his first battle with RSV and what would become the first of many hospitalizations. Add to that she’s at “that age” and what do you get? Stranger anxiety in a MAJOR way!! To her, a stranger is anyone she hasn’t seen in 5 minutes. She most of the time flat refuses to have anything to do with my sister-in-law which is awful because Amy loves her so much and Elizabeth just won’t have it. Friday she sat with Amy for quite a while. That is truly a very first.

Yesterday? Nope, it was my brother or myself or no one and Heaven help you if you looked at her and she didn’t know you! Even my dad couldn’t calm her down. Usually she’ll go to my mom or dad even in the most extreme circumstances, yesterday? NOPE!! I think the only reason she went to my brother is because he maybe reminds her of Joe. I will also in fairness to my princess, add she is cutting a very stubborn tooth. It’s been trying to come through since before Christmas!! It looked to have stopped trying for about a two week stretch. Her gum swelling went down and she cut back on the amount of time her fingers were in her mouth. Yesterday it was back to trying to come through and with a vengeance!! The gum is hugely swollen and you can actually feel the tooth under the skin where before it was just swelling. I think she was just truly, all around, miserable yesterday.

So, today I am on my way back down there to once again try to complete the year end tasks. With a little luck we will get the reports done today and everything in the mail and I won’t have to worry about it anymore for 3 full months! YAY ME!! It’s a hard one to take pictures of but while I’m down there I’ll try to get one of the office at the least! So, that’s my “tackle” to complete this paperwork and get it in the mail with one day to spare! Wish me luck, Elizabeth’s still sleeping and I’m off to the shower. Knowing her she’ll wake up just as I lather up my hair, so please pray she wakes up in a good mood and if not a good mood, at the very least a cooperative mood! I really just need a couple of hours!! ;o)


3 Responses to “Tackle it Tuesday – #5”

  1. Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies Says:

    UGH – wow what a task good luck!!!

  2. Barbara H. Says:

    Hope everything worked out ok!

  3. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) Says:

    oooooh – I hat numbers sooooo much that I want to throw up thinking about doing our year end books. Thank the LORD my mom does it, but if she ever gets ill or something and can’t do it – we will have to get you to get on a plane and save us!!!! I don’t know the first thing about it!

    But I do know screaming, teething babies – so I am soooo sorry to hear you had to do both. NOT fun!

    Hope it went better this time!!!

    And no worries about the email – gosh I am behind on everything!

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