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Thursday Thirteen #7 January 25, 2007

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Thirteen things on my mind today:

1. I hate year end books. I have my own to do and I have to go help my sister-in-law with my dad’s year end stuff for the car store.

2. Joe has had a horrible week. He left for India on Saturday. He got as far as London and found out his paperwork wasn’t in order. He had to spend the night in London to the tune of $500.00 (American) for a hotel room and then had to fly back to Houston. Turns out India did all of the paperwork BUT his work visa! HOW do you not do the work visa?? Then his bag didn’t make it to Houston. He hasn’t seen it since Saturday. Of course he didn’t plan ahead and put spare clothes in his carry on, so he had only the one set of clothes he was wearing. British Airways says his bag got lost in London. That’s impossible because he had his bag in his hand and went through customs when he arrived in Detroit from London. So… no one knows where his bag is. All of his work stuff is in there, his razor, etc… He’s not happy. He’s on his way to Mumbai today sans his bag with a few things he picked up in Houston. British Airways swears his bag will make it to India, I have my doubts. How do you lose a bag for days like this?? And it’s not your typical black suitcase. It’s a HUGE Halliburton duffle bag, it’s 2x2x3 people!! It can’t just disappear!! POOR JOE!!!

3. I can’t sleep, I haven’t slept since Joe left. I get maybe 4 hours a night. I know it’s because I am worried about him and can’t shut my brain off but it’s getting nuts.

4. I have cages to clean, books to do, a vaccuum to run, dishes to put in the dishwasher, and laundry to wash up and I am too tired to even think. I haven’t blogged in over a week because I am just too tired.

5. The CO state Chinchilla show is coming up on the 3rd of February. Hopefully I can still afford to go after Joe getting stranded. I haven’t had a single day away from home in 6 months, I am really looking forward to some me time!

6. Joey is doing well in school this week. The past two weeks he’s had a lot of problems. Call it a conflict with his teacher, stress over his dad leaving, his birthday, etc… it all ended up leading to some serious behavior issues on his part. He wants to spend the weekend with his Nana so he’s on his best behavior this week. Hopefully he’ll be motivated to keep it up after the weekend is over!

7. Joey turned 7 on the 8th and Elizabeth hit 5 months on the 11th. I am sad they are growing up. Why can’t we just stop time??? On the other hand as of February 11th, Elizabeth will have been in our custody 6 months so they can finalize our adoption. Apparently all that’s left is for the judge to sign off the final decree and make a new birth certificate! YAY us!!

8. Anyone want a male Chinchilla baby? I have a ton of them!! Hopefully one or two are going to new homes in CO, but that still leaves me with 13! YIKES!!

9. I have new hedgehog babies for the first time in 8 months. I am excited about them! I know I have at least two. So far several of my girls have yet to go. I think I need to buy a new male or two. My males are getting older and a little tired I think. :o( Hopefully one or two of the other girls will go, I have only 3 young males and they can’t “service” all of the females.

10. British Airways just called and they have his bag IN Houston! YAY!! He’ll be able to pick it up and check it on the flight to India, hopefully it will make it all the way to India with him this time! He’s flying a different airline through Germany this time, so keep your fingers crossed!!

11. I am sick to death of our weather! We have had NO snow! It snowed on Sunday, about 3 inches, today it’s 50 degrees and muddy and wet! It’s January! I think total we’ve only had about 3 feet of snow all Winter! It’s been cold, well below zero a few times and no snow! It’s getting really old!

12. It’s very difficult to cook for one adult and one child. I always end up making way more than we need. Lots of leftovers that we forget about and end up throwing away. It’s really wasteful. And it’s not like I can make a pot roast for the two of us, we’d never eat all of the leftovers before they went bad.

13. Elizabeth is very out of sorts today. She’s such a good baby usually, very good natured, awesome sleeping patterns, etc… She has “stranger anxiety” and that includes anyone she hasn’t seen in 5 minutes (except for my mom), but otherwise she’s just an awesome baby. Today she’s really fussy and has slept a lot. Oh, and on the topic of her stranger anxiety, she will not go to my sister-in-law, she really hurts her feelings! If she even looks at Elizabeth she cries! I have NO idea why! She also won’t go to my mother-in-law if we’re not at home. If she comes over here Elizabeth is fine with her, but if we’re out of the house she wants nothing to do with her. One evening at dinner she did OK, but other than that she will cry and want to come back to her dad or I. It’s very sad to see them want to hug her and love her and have Elizabeth cry. I never get to take an hour and go get my haircut or go to lunch with a friend because Elizabeth won’t stay with anyone but my mom and dad. :o(

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3 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen #7”

  1. Susan Helene Gottfried Says:

    My daughter was like that, too. Now she’s four and as social as anything — but still shy around adults. Worst of all, she’s COY. Yep, she flirts and puts on an act and … oh, it’s just gross.

    Hang in there with the hubby gone. I know it’s not easy. I’d be lost without the Tour Manager!

    Happy TT! (and no, no chinchilla here. I tried, though!)

  2. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) Says:

    {{{HUGS}}} oh girl – that sounds rough! So sorry about your husband’s travel nightmares! And I sure hope you can get some sleep – you NEED sleep!

    I sure hope you get to go on your trip!!!

    THANK YOU for your kind comment and your prayers!

    Do you know that you were one of my first thoughts when that line appeared!!! I was like – oh my I have to email you. And I have been trying to get to it all day. But I didn’t have that email account open – had to close my Outlook and open that one. I was soooo crazy busy responding to all the love and prayers I hadn’t got there yet. I promise I was going to email you tonight!!! But you beat me to it. 🙂 THANKS 🙂

  3. Erin MacPherson Says:

    Your blog is great. I’m an editor for parents connect, a parenting website. I’m going to quote you on the site, giving you credit, of course.

    Erin MacPherson

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