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Tackle it Tuesday – #4 January 9, 2007

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This week is turning out to be just one of those weeks! I had originally planned to tackle my desk this week, and I may still come back and add it, but at this point it’s looking out of the question. Joey turned 7 this week and it’s really thrown me off. I think a lot of it is psychological, he’s just getting SO big, it’s so sad!! But we also had a big family dinner last night and I’m battling a cold so it has really run me down! So… my tackle this week was a bit different than I’d originally planned…

Right now I have 14 male Chinchilla kits and am out of cages to put the newest weanlings in!! I have a couple of cages in storage that I don’t use anymore so I’ve been meaning to bring one of them in and clean them up so I can use it. I keep putting it off!! So today I vowed to get it out of storage, get it cleaned up, and get these boys moved! My biggest problem has been the inability to find cage wire. I have exhausted every avenue for new cages and haven’t yet been able to find the wire. I now have a lead but building cages and pans takes time so I needed a more immediate solution to get these weanlings moved! So… whew, it’s done! Joe had to dig the cage out of the shed and he realized he’d used the wire from the door of the cage to patch a hole in another cage. He scoured the shed for something he could take wire off of to make a door and finally figured it out! It looks goofy but it works! Then he took the cage down to my dad’s car store and cleaned it all up with the pressure washer. About an hour ago I moved the boys! I’ll have to get pictures tomorrow since Joe loaned out our camera, so check back tomorrow for pictures! :o)

Next week I WILL get the desk done! Joey’s party is Saturday and then we can focus on something else!


One Response to “Tackle it Tuesday – #4”

  1. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) Says:

    I just went and looked at your pet site. Those guys are so cute! Good work and I hope the party goes well. It is so sad that they grow up soooo fast.

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