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Interactive Faith Builders – #3 January 1, 2007

Filed under: Faith,Life,Meme — Steph @ 4:39 pm

Heather’s question this week is:

What keeps you from believing that God can restore the parts of your life that feel dead or broken? What is the “something more” that God may be calling you to?

Part of the reason I enjoy this meme is that it forces me to reflect upon myself, my life, my decisions, etc… In doing so this week I find this the easiest discussion question for me to open up to yet!

I don’t think I don’t believe God “can not” restore the parts of my life that I feel are dead or broken. Rather I believe He wants ME to restore them myself. I believe He will show me the direction to take but that it is up to me to accept the restorations as He wills them which is not always an easy thing to do. I also believe the path He guides me toward might not be the path I’d had in mind to begin with and may not be what I’d considered the ideal path for me to take but I am resolving to accept the path laid before me. I believe fully that in accepting the path I’m led on rather than turning away from it to forge a path alone, I will have accomplished that “something more” He is calling me to.


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