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Thursday Thirteen #5 December 28, 2006

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This week I decided to do 13 things I loved about Christmas this year!

1. My mom and dad made it home! They ended up driving home from LA because they couldn’t get a flight home after the snow storms in Denver but they made it! They were exhausted (my dad especially) but at least they were here!

2. The kids had an AWESOME Christmas, they had a ball together and really enjoyed giving each other gifts (this would be Joey and my nephew since Elizabeth is a bit too young still).

3. The tree looked so cute this year! Lots of fun ornaments! I know some people like to use color coordinated ornaments and lights and stuff but I prefer the character on the tree so ours is full of ornaments that my grandparents gave me every year of my life (clear from1977) and now ornaments Joey’s grandparents have given him every year and of course this year Elizabeth’s additions! Plus there are several hand made ornaments Joey has done in school! There’s also 2 years worth of hedgehog ornament exchange ornaments that are a lot of fun! :o)

4. Joey, my little artist/author made “packets” for Christmas. One was full of things he loves about Christmas Eve and was SO cute and he also made a poem about Christmas eve and drew and decorated a Santa on it. He read the Christmas Eve ones at my mom’s house and everyone was super impressed and couldn’t believe he’d done them on his own at home! The other was a packet for Santa that had pages full of Santa’s favorite things and Joey’s favorite things. My favorite page of that packet was the picture of Santa and Joey with Christmas cookies!

5. Christmas cookies! The boys and I had a BLAST making Christmas cookies! The post about them and the pictures can be found below. I didn’t eat any but they were super fun to make!

6. Two words – TURKEY DINNER!! :o)

7. Decorating was fun this year! We have a really fun, growing collection of Christmas goodies. We’ve been in the house for 6 years now and we add something new every year! :o)

8. Christmas pictures – My family’s bank hires the best photographer in town and a Santa and they do really great pictures at Christmas time. They are also very reasonably priced! I had pictures of all 3 kids (Joey, my nephew, and Elizabeth) done as well as just one of Joey and Elizabeth! They turned out SO great! I’ll get them scanned in and posted up here so everyone can see. I wish my niece was here this year, we missed her a lot, but she’ll be here next year, along with the new baby, so 5 kids in the picture next year!!

9. Elizabeth’s first turkey dinner! We made her some mashed taters and gravy with a little turkey in the blender, she hated it but it was fun to try it!

10. Family – Most of my family was here and we had a great Christmas day together! I missed my grandma something fierce (my mom’s mom) and my uncle’s mother-in-law is dying so their family wasn’t here, but all in all it was a good sized group. I am really hoping next year we will ALL be together!

11. My favorite gift this year was a home-made gift from Joey that he was SO proud of! It’s a snowman made out of a sock and a roll of toilet paper! It’s super cute!

12. Inflatable Christmas snow globes! Need I say more? Those are the cutest things ever!! How fun to drive around and see all the different ones! Ours is a snow-man family with snow blowing around!

13. Joey’s easel! It was my favorite gift for him this year. I bought it on a whim and he loves it! He even spent a little of his Christmas money on a Velvet poster he could clip up there and color! Now he has a place besides my living room floor to paint, color, and be creative!

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3 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen #5”

  1. Jenny Ryan Says:

    Nice-sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas 🙂

  2. Chickadee Says:

    Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL Christmas. The “Packets” sound neat. I hope you kept them!

    My 13 is up. I moved my blog and this is my first 13 in my new digs.

  3. Teena Says:

    Very nice 🙂

    My TT13 is up too 🙂

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