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SUPER crazy day today!! December 23, 2006

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Super crazy and fun day today! Joey, the neighbor’s grandson (Devin – he’s 10), Logan, Elizabeth and I made cookies. I have pictures to put up tomorrow, words can not convey the fun and mess!

After that I mailed out the kids’ pictures (yes dear family, they are on their way!!!), that took me three hours last night to complete but they are all signed, sealed, and delivered or mailed.

Took the in town pictures to my grandparents’ and had a good visit and then came home to get Joe and Elizabeth so we could finish up our last minute little Joey things (read stocking stuffers) while he spent the night at the neighbor’s house. They were making goodie bags for the kids in the “Secret Santa” program. It’s a program where less fortunate kids get a sponsor from a more fortunate family who buys them gifts for Christmas. My mom and grandma both participate and my neighbor makes goodie bags for every kid in the program, 100+ bags is what her grandson said today. Joey was super excited about that. He’s learning a lot this year about helping those less fortunate and being thankful for what he has. That’s another blog for another time when it’s not so late!

Today was a good day but it was a little sad as we bought Elizabeth’s new highchair and her table foods. :o( She’s getting so big already!! I have even more pictures of her first table food experience that I’ll also put up tomorrow! That was quite something!

While Elizabeth ate and then had a bath and got ready for bedtime daddy wrapped presents, they’re all wrapped and under the tree! After Elizabeth was down I took a long, hot bath with a new book. I have Planter’s something or another in my feet and being on the hard floor all day just kills me. I refuse to get needles in my heels so I try to ignore it but I really notice it if I spend a lot of time in the kitchen or cleaning cages on the hard floors. :o( The bath and some Aleve helped. I am sitting here now drinking spiked egg nog to help me sleep. :o) Did I mention I took a LONG bath?? Nora Roberts is one of my favorites and I SO no better than to take her books to the bath tub, it was tough to put it down but my feet are super wrinkled!

On a super horrific note, it started to snow while I was in town, it didn’t snow much, just a dusting, but it made the roads super slick. On the way home on a road right near our house there was a truck pulled over to one side and traffic moving slowly on our side. The truck in the other lane had hit an antelope and it was suffering in the gutter on the side of the road. I was just devastated! It’s about a mile from our house and I cried so hard the whole way home, Joe decided to grab his gun to go back and make sure someone had come to put it down. The person driving the truck was on the phone so I assume they were calling for some help, but I would not have been able to put it out of my mind. We went back and they were gone and the antelope was thankfully dead but they’d LEFT IT IN THE ROAD!! It’s poor self was half in the road and half in the gutter and no one had been able to end its suffering before it died of its injuries. Joe stopped and moved it from the road so it wasn’t hit again. It was a young doe trying to get to its herd on the other side of the road. Unfortunately they cross that road a lot to get to the bird refuge lake and they get hit a lot. It makes me so angry because it’s a very open road with a large line of sight and a fairly low speed limit. When they (and deer) get hit it’s usually because someone is going too fast. It’s painfully obvious the tragedy tonight was caused by the driver going much too fast in unsafe conditions. It really broke my heart. That poor antelope had to have been terrified laying in that gutter, paralyzed, watching people drive by and afraid she would be hit again. It really just ruined my whole day. Living in Wyoming I’ve seen that a lot but it always just breaks my heart and those people never even bothered to get out of their warm car to protect the antelope from other motorists, I was just so angry and sad.

On a somewhat more positive note, my parents got safely to LAX but could not get a flight out of there back to Billings or home. They are traveling with the MSU Billings girls basketball team and there were about 60 of them stranded. :o( They could MAYBE get out to Salt Lake tomorrow afternoon but once they got to Salt Lake they would have been stuck again. So, they rented 11 cars and are driving home. They are planning to be back in Billings tomorrow night. I am praying they don’t hit weather and everyone makes it home safe. My parents will be exhausted and I’m sure in poor spirits, but they will be home!!

Tomorrow is another busy day, I have a lady coming to pick up a hedgehog. It’s not one of mine, it’s one Cory sold her because I had no babies and she’s been wanting a hedgie for her husband since July. I hooked her up with Cory and the little guy has been here for a week or so waiting until closer to Christmas. She’s a super nice lady so I’m excited to meet her and give her their baby! Then I have a few cages to clean, the bunny cage to clean, litterboxes to dump and some general cleaning to get out of the way before Christmas. Tomorrow is Susan’s 50th so I am going to make her a cake and have her over for dinner. We are celebrating on Christmas Eve as well but we wanted to do something tomorrow just us so she knows we care. I bought a Butter Pecan cake mix so I’m excited to try that out! On Christmas Eve we ordered a cake from a neighbor of mine who makes the BEST cakes ever!! We ALL love them so much we use any excuse to buy them so since it’s her 50th this qualifies! We found her by accident when we were looking for someone to make our wedding cake. My mom’s best friend still owned our house at the time and told us about her, she lives about 3 blocks down. Her cakes are absolutely to die for and we’ve been using her exclusively ever since. We don’t even bother to make home-made cakes anymore because hers are just SO good. It’s Joey’s favorite part of his birthday! We give her lots of business this time of year with my dad’s birthday, Susan’s birthday and then Joey’s birthday. :o) Cookies with 10 lbs of icing, and two cakes in two days plus Christmas dinner and my diet is out the window!! Luckily I’m not a huge sweet and snack person so I won’t sit and eat a bunch of them all, but just thinking about them I can feel my waist band tightening! Those cookies have SO much icing on them I swear you can feel your teeth rotting just being in the room with them. Add the sprinkles, candy eyes and buttons, and all the glittery sugar to that and it’s frightening!! They had a blast but those are definitely cookies to be eaten only once a year by kids who brush their teeth after each bite!! Hopefully the pictures will convey the sheer amount of sugar strategically placed on top of each one! Did I mention how much fun it was though?? I wish Joey was out of school all of the time. I love having him home and having the neighbor kids over here!! When school’s out they spend a lot of time with their grandma and they and Joey are inseparable and it’s just SUCH a blast! I swear baking cookies and having a house full of kids is what I was born to do! I just really can’t think of anything I like better! I won’t go in to Elizabeth’s frosting addiction, it would probably put me in the running for worst mother of the year, but she LOVES frosting! She had a couple of fingers full today so every time I’d walk past her she’d open her mouth and look at me like “OK, give it up”… How can you refuse that?? She doesn’t have teeth to rot yet, thank goodness!! But tonight when she was eating her cereal she was really excited at first and then literally pursing her lips like “YUCK, bring back my frosting!!” We can actually blame her aunt Amy for the frosting addiction because at Joe’s going away party Elizabeth was like 3 weeks old and Amy gave her the tiniest taste, we’ve been doomed ever since!!

So, that’s today’s update! Tomorrow will be busy but when my chores are done I’ll get the cookie making and Elizabeth’s first big girl meal pictures up!

I didn’t even turn the computer on today until just now because it was a family day. It feels so good to do that once in a while!


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