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Slacking this week… December 21, 2006

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This week I have slacked big time on my blog and in real life. My insomnia has hit an all time high (or low, whichever you prefer) and I am just too tired to think about it. I had a good Wordless Wednesday this week but it will have to save for next week. I didn’t tackle anything on Tuesday, and I even skipped the Faith Lifts meme which is one of my favorites!

I have literally just been too tired to even think about blogging, or anything else for that matter! Thank goodness Joe is home, he’s let me sleep in since he knows I can’t sleep at night and he hasn’t complained once.

I am on my way right now to finish up some hedgehog cages, do some pairings I’ve been meaning to do, and work on some Chin cages.

Tomorrow I have to wrap presents and bake cookies with Joey and the neighbor boy. I am so tired today that even those two things aren’t lifting my spirits!

On another note, where’s the snow??!! EVERYONE has snow all around us, it’s either on the ground or predicted, Sundance, Billings, Casper, Denver is getting blasted, and we don’t even have snow in the forecast!! I am SO sad at the prospect of a non-white Christmas!! AND, it’s cold, really cold at night, in the teens, so if it’s going to be that cold, why not some snow??!! I am dreading the Summer. Our ranch burned up this year, three HUGE fires and hundreds of acres lost, my aunt and uncle almost lost the house twice, they had to evacuate twice for the first time in years. If we don’t get some moisture, this year promises to be so much worse. :o( I hate fire season on a wet year, but on a dry year? It’s so dangerous and so exhausting to everyone involved, Joe, Rob, my dad, my grandpa, and my other uncle spent a lot of time at the ranch this Summer, I really hope we get some moisture. Anyone know a good rain dance?? Better yet, a snow dance??

Oh, and speaking of snow! My parents are celebrating their 30th anniversary (YAY THEM!!) in Hawaii right now. They are due in to Billings late tomorrow night. With DIA shut down today it’s gonna be interesting! If my mom doesn’t get home we all starve! Well, not really starve, but Christmas Eve is at her house and then Christmas dinner… I can honestly say, I am a good cook, I like to cook and I can cook almost anything she can cook, but I’ve never even attempted a turkey and certainly never for 30 people. I am literally having nightmares about it!! Not to slight anyone in my family, but NO ONE cooks like my mom, NO ONE. I can make her rolls, her potatoes, and her stuffing, but they never turn out as good. Her pies? I can’t duplicate those if I try! If she doesn’t get home we are all in big trouble!! Not to mention the boys will be crushed. Christmas Eve we always go to her house, have dinner together (nothing fancy this year, just pizza or something, usually she makes Prime Rib), and they open their gifts from that side of our family. It’s Joey’s favorite part of Christmas and he is SUPER worried about it! He’s been sweating it for days and days. Hopefully they’ll get home with no problems, but some crossed fingers would be really good about now! I won’t even mention my dad’s stress level. He HATES DIA and he’s not that fond of Christmas as a whole. Being stuck at DIA in holiday travel rush, he may well have a heart attack or stroke right there. That’s not even a little bit of exaggeration! He is usually in a great mood on Christmas Eve and Christmas day once he remembers how much the kids love it, and he LOVES his grandkids, but up until Christmas he’s a real Scrooge and really a downer. I really hope their travel goes smoothly and doesn’t ruin Christmas for everyone!

Oh, and back to the presents. I haven’t wrapped a single, solitary thing. I am the worst wrapper in the world! I can’t cut straight to save my life because my hand just won’t stay steady, and by the time I’m done it’s actually frightening. Joe LOVES to wrap and gets all serious about it, he makes me nuts because he takes an hour each present, but they’re absolutely perfect. And you think we aren’t a match made in Heaven?! :o)

We are not swapping gifts with anyone this year. I am kind of sad about it, I love to shop for the perfect gift. On a normal day I HATE to shop, but finding the perfect gift for everyone at Christmas is so much fun for me. This year though, with the adoption costs and Joe’s work screwing us out of $2800.00 we just needed to scale back and Rob and Amy have a new baby coming so we just decided to buy for the kids. My parents and Joe’s mom were adamant that we not buy them anything, so Joey is busy making pictures and “packets” and books and I don’t know what all instead.

I did spend a big chunk of money on Christmas pictures of the kids (Joey and Elizabeth in one and Logan, Joey, and Elizabeth in the other). But then, my dad wanted a big one so he ended up paying for them! I am the worst at getting those things out! Elizabeth is almost 5 months old and I still haven’t sent out her hospital pictures and birth announcements! Partly because I dislike the quality, and partly because I am just awful about these things. I was hoping to get them out to everyone by Christmas but it’s not going to happen. A lot of my procrastination with them is simply that I can’t cut straight, I hate butchering expensive pictures. :o( The other part is I hate the post office, stamps, mailing, etc… and I can’t stand to sit still and put everything in envelopes. Sitting here writing this I realize I am completely off my rocker and need to get them out, so maybe I’ll do that this evening after cages! I am equally bad with Christmas cards (none this year) and Christmas letters and thank you cards. I tell everyone right off the bat I am HORRID with these things, so if you gave Elizabeth a gift and didn’t get a card, it’s not a slight I swear, I am just truly horrendous with these things! I bought the cards and they’re still sitting here. Gosh I am just awful!!!

As an aside, after writing that all out, I am skipping cages until later and doing these stinking pictures and thank you cards! People will absolutely drop dead when they get them, you watch! :o)


2 Responses to “Slacking this week…”

  1. Terra Says:

    Sure just make me hungry, with your moms cooking no less! I so miss her bread… I could eat so much of that stuff… Wonder if that is why I have gained 40 pounds? NAW, that can’t be it… LOL

  2. Wicked Witch Says:

    we have no snow here either. It is actually nice.

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