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Just ramblings… December 16, 2006

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I’m not sure what to blog about today! So some inane ramblings will have to do!

Today was our 2nd post placement visit with Hope. We are always late with them, it’s so hard to coordinate my schedule with hers! I just love her! I will miss her when we are all done, her visits are a lot of fun and she’s just such a neat person! One more post placement visit after the first of the year is all we have to do and I swear it will feel like I’ve lost a friend! Obviously Elizabeth is thriving so nothing to say about the actual visit!

Elizabeth had her 4-month checkup on Wednesday. She’s 14 lbs and 25 inches long. She’s in the 75th percentile for both weight and height. :o) She’s such a good girl! Immunizations as always were awful on me. I about threw up, after going through all we went through with Joey I just can’t take the needles. Hurting my baby is just not something I can stomach. Thankfully all of her well baby visits have been while Joe was home. If he wasn’t home I’d have to tag my mom for help because I literally just can’t handle it! They said Elizabeth is ready for table foods. :o) She already sleeps VERY well so I can’t imagine what table foods will do for her!!
She was a bit fussier this time around, ran some low grade temps, etc… Even when she’s sick though she’s such a dream baby. Wow are we blessed!!

Amy had another ultrasound and the baby is growing well. He/she has a dilated kidney. They don’t know why or what it could be, they can’t do anything about a problem until delivery so Rob and Amy are trying to not worry about it too much. They said the baby is growing well and would be viable today if something happened with the low lying placenta. Hopefully the baby will make it to term and mom and baby will both end up happy and healthy!! Rob thinks he knows the baby’s sex but Amy is adamant she doesn’t want to know. The only person who knows for sure is her OB who could tell at her first ultrasound when she was having the cramping. :o) Most of us are hoping for a girl so Elizabeth has a girl cousin her age like Joey has Logan. :o) We’ll take a healthy baby and be just as thrilled though!! Joey, Rob, and Logan want a boy so they will be even with the girls, we’ll see… Personally I am hoping for a girl just so I can pass on some of these lovely clothes Elizabeth hasn’t even gotten to wear with her little self growing so fast!! I don’t blame Amy for not wanting to know, being surprised is SO much fun!! Elizabeth was a surprise! She swears she’ll not go buy a bunch of pink if it’s a girl though, she says the baby can wear unisex sleepers. She doesn’t know what little girl fever can do to you!! There are SO many cute girl things out there!! Elizabeth had green and yellow before she was born but I ran out and bought up the stores in Modesto so she could wear pink and purple. She’s only ever worn the unisex stuff at home! LOL

Sold a chinchilla to a lovely couple today. He’s a SUPER sweet chin! We almost kept him we love him so much, he won’t reach breeding quality I don’t think, but we loved his little personality so much! I don’t usually get attached but I just truly loved him, as did Joe and Joey!! They’re a great home for him though, he’ll be fully spoiled! My female with the uterine prolapse is going to require a spay. We took her sutures out today and she was already starting to re-prolapse. After consulting with another vet they decided to put one stitch in to hold her through the weekend (and avoid a costly emergency spay without full staff support) and they will spay her Tuesday. I should have had them spay her to begin with, but the spay is such a tough recovery for them I was hoping the stitches would hold her until she could heal. Poor baby, she’s been through a lot! She’s been such a trooper through it all. Not to toot my own horn, but my chins have awesome personalities! I am always so proud of the way the react to new families, medical situations, etc… A lot of it is just chance but some of it is just loving them all! Only one hedgehog left since our Fall litters didn’t take. Two families interested in him so we’ll see who gets him, I feel bad for having to turn people away! He’s a VERY sweet boy but he’s not a tiny baby anymore. I did some more breedings last week so hopefully we will hear the pitter patter of hedgie feet next month! It’s been a long while since I got to love on hedgie babies!

Joey had his last hockey game tonight, they start back up in January. He really loves hockey so I think he’s found his niche. He’s had some bad days at school this week. He can go a month with no notes home and in two days we’ve had two. We had “talks” about it but that’s really all I can do from here. :o( He’s SO excited about Christmas I am hoping that’s the cause for the backslide. He has Christmas and his birthday coming up and he’s just bouncing off the walls, so I am really hoping that’s the reason he’s having trouble. Nothing major, just a little tattling, but he apparently giggled while she was reprimanding him and she felt he wasn’t listening to her. I am wondering if it’s a nervous giggle… She can be really intense.

He had some trouble with bullies this week. A couple of older kids were picking on him both at school and on the bus. They called him “gay” which of course upset me because he doesn’t know what that means yet. He does now, he told me it has “several different meanings” and went on to outline them all. The joys of public schools in today’s society. We told him to tell a teacher next time, so I’m wondering if we caused the “tattling” problem at school this week. I’m wondering if he’s having trouble differentiating between “tattling” and reporting a bully. I am calling the teacher next week to see if she thinks that’s the possible problem.

On a similar note, they made gingerbread houses in school on Wednesday. Joey came home in tears because his was ruined. His teacher and he had lovingly placed it on a paper plate and wrapped it in saran wrap. When he got on the bus his bus driver made him put it in his backpack so it wouldn’t make a mess!! It of course was crushed and so was he!! I was just livid!! He said he promised not to open it and she wouldn’t budge! I meant to call the bus barn and keep forgetting so I am making a mental note right now to call to complain. That’s just not right. :o(

Joe’s got a sore throat and a cough and one of my cats is sick. :o( Other than that not much else going on here! I am looking forward to Tackle it Tuesday next week because my huge tackle from 2 weeks ago is ALL done!! YAY me!!


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