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Too important to leave out December 13, 2006

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I am sitting here realizing I have to blog about this and I’m not sure where to put it in between Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen! So, I figure it’s 11:59 somewhere and now’s as good a time as any!

Yesterday was our Interlocutory Adoption Hearing. From what I’m told it’s the only hearing we’ll get, our attorney will have to attend one but we won’t. For all intents and purposes Elizabeth is officially ours! 🙂 Wyoming requires the child be in your home a full 6 months before the judge signs the final decree and the birth certificate is changed but she’s legally Elizabeth Hyne now!

It was a really great day! The judge even included Joey in the hearing! He was so excited to be included, he loves his sister just SO very much. He got a special excuse from his principal so he could attend the hearing yesterday without an “un-excused absence”. Then last night at his Christmas program his teacher said that’s all he talked about all afternoon!

The hearing requires our attorney to ask us several questions “on record and under oath”. One of them is “are their any children born of your marriage?”. I said yes, Joey and the judge says “that must be him back there with his hand up?!” (he was sitting with his grandmas) I said “yes sir, he’s so excited he’s just waiting for someone to ask him a question” so he did! He said “Joseph please stand” so Joey did without even a little trepidation! He said “what do you think of having Elizabeth as your sister?” Joey said “I think it’s been a real pleasure”! I swear we didn’t coach him! I even asked him after the hearing if one of his Nanas had been coaching him and they all said no! He said “do you promise to be a good big brother to Elizabeth?” and Joey said “Oh yes!” He was so proud of himself the rest of the day! It was a big deal for him to be a part of what he called “the hearing party”.

The photo I used for WW was actually a picture at bedtime last night. He laid down next to Elizabeth, sighed and said “she’s all ours, no one can take her away now.” He wanted a picture of the two of them even though he was in his jammies about to go to bed so we obviously obliged.

So, without further adieu here are a couple of photos from the hearing:


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