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Tackle it Tuesday – #2 December 13, 2006

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I am doing several things at once here and most of them are late!! We had our adoption hearing today so it’s really been on the forefront of my mind and I let my blog slip…

So, my tackle today was literally just to survive the day!! We had the hearing this morning followed by a celebratory lunch and then this afternoon Joey needed a haircut before his Christmas program this evening! It was a stressful day!! We did tackle it though and had a TRULY memorable day. We had TWO celebratory meals because Joey wanted one after his program and we couldn’t well say no! I am WAY stuffed (thus still awake!)

I am posting pictures of the program, but the pictures from the hearing are forthcoming. My mom and my mother-in-law took those ones and I don’t have them yet so as soon as I do they’ll be added here! 🙂

Oh, and an updated on last week’s, it’s still a work in progress! Joe’s home so it’s going faster and my deadline is tomorrow so we can get the tree up and I think I just might make it! 🙂

All of these were taken at the program. Joey had a “Toy Soldier” hat he and his dad worked really hard on and the strap broke so he didn’t get to wear it on stage! Tomorrow I promised to get a picture of him in it after we fix the strap so he at least gets to wear it once!


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