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Introducing Snowshoe December 6, 2006

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**My Wordless Wednesday post can be found below, I had to post about Snowshoe tonight I was too excited to wait!**

This is our new bunny Snowshoe! I have wanted a bunny since I was little but my mom and dad never wanted one. Thanks to my good friend Cory in Montana I am now the proud owner of the MOST adorable English Lop EVER!!

She is SUCH a sweet girl, she will just sit on my chest and snuggle with me! She’s just a big ball of fur, ears, and feet!

Joey won’t hold her yet. :o( His Papa said to watch out and be careful not to get bitten so that spooked him a bit. Then his dad said to sit still and not spook her or she might scratch him and that was the end of that. He’ll sit and talk to her, pet her, give her kisses, etc… but no holding yet. I am assuming he’ll come around. I can’t believe he’ll hold a hedgehog but not a bunny! Oh, and just for the record I don’t think bunnies bite. She surely doesn’t!! She really is just very cuddly and sweet which is nice because I know they aren’t always like that!

Here are a few more pictures of her! Oh, and Cory named her and we decided to leave her name. I am assuming she named her “Snowshoe” because of her big back feet!


3 Responses to “Introducing Snowshoe”

  1. Wicked Witch Says:

    Cute little cuddly bunny. Snowshoe looks very cuddly there.

  2. AscenderRisesAbove Says:

    visiting from wordless wednesdays. what fun to see a blog from wyoming; we lived there for many years.

  3. Lauren Says:

    OMG so cute!!!!!!!!!
    I used to have a bun like that, except she was black and white instead of brown.

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