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Tackle it Tuesday – #1 December 5, 2006

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My tackle is going to seem a bit too easy for some of you. I assure you that’s not the case! My Tackle it Tuesday is just simply going to be getting my house cleaned up, picked up, and back in order! Since my husband works overseas for 30 days at a time, for 30 days I am the only one here to get anything done. That in itself is a scary thing, add in a 4-month-old true to life, honest to goodness mommy’s girl and a 7-year-old budding artist who literally spends every waking moment (well the moments he’s not in school) making packets, pictures, books, medals, awards, costumes, etc… on my living room floor and you have a recipe for disaster!

The first month of the new job I did VERY well, especially considering Elizabeth was only about 3 weeks old when her daddy left and it was all very new. I managed to hammer out a routine and stick to it. I mostly stuck to it because if I let myself vary I’d get this irritating eye twitch until I got up accomplished whatever task was awaiting me!

The next month daddy was home and believe it or not my routine went out the window. Daddy is wonderful in all ways but daddy has a tendency to throw entire schedules in to disarray with his laid back approach to life. An endearing quality most of the time, but when you need to have that routine to keep that pesky twitching at bay (think the little squirrel on the movie Ice Age) it’s not a good mix. By the time daddy left, our routine was completely shot and the house was cluttered but still relatively clean.

About a week after daddy left though, the unthinkable happened. Mommy got sick! Not just a little sick, but full blown, I’m fairly certain I coughed up pieces of my lungs; sick. By now the twitching has turned in to a full blown rapid succession of eye spasms! Apparently when mommy’s sick it calls for a rebellion of epic proportions. By week two of my being sick the twitching had stopped because all hope was lost.

A week after that and we have to go out of town for an overnight that turns in to a weekend long event. On the way home what happens? Joey gets the stomach flu! So, another two days of sickies all over the place and I’m still getting nothing done! To add to all of that there’s my battle with insomnia and my utter exhaustion and still after three weeks a lingering cough.

So, the end result of the past 4 weeks is just pure and utter chaos. Papers strewn, laundry piled up, dishes needing washed, bathrooms needing cleaned, bedrooms needing cleaned, dusting to be done, etc… I won’t even touch on the disaster I’ve made in my chinchilla and hedgehog room, let’s just say all order in there has been lost and it will take me hours to put away the little things like water bottle clips that I’ve set in one place or another because I was too lazy to put them away where they go. Now I am looking around at the mess that is my house and wondering why it is I am not more motivated to get up and get it done? The short answer I’m afraid is I don’t really know where to start! Why is it when things are so crazy you just reach the point where it’s easier to ignore it and let it snowball than it is to face it and get it done? I swear I continue to add to the mess even by myself, by throwing the laundry on the floor of the laundry room rather than in the washer. Do you know how fast it can pile up when you do that? I haven’t seen the laundry room floor in a month!

So… my resolution today, tomorrow, and however much longer it might take is to “Just Do It” as they saying goes!

As much as I’d like to share I am not able to take a picture because said lovely husband took the camera to Australia with him. I am actually a tad relieved about this because I would surely be up for the “Worst Mother of the Year” award. I promise to show “what’s left of the debris” pictures when he gets home this evening and then after photos though!

So, just for my own personal reference I am making a list here that I’ll have to stick to since you all now know my secret:

  • Do the dishes – To be fair to myself here, there are only dishes from Sunday and yesterday in the sink and that’s really not as bad as it sounds because Joey was at his Nana’s on Sunday and last night we ate dinner at my parents’ house, it’s really just the typical 2 days worth of glasses and bowls from the never ending snacking that accompanies a 7-year-old boy
  • Clean up the remnants of all art projects – Joey did do this to the best of his ability but somehow there are always lingering scraps of paper, crayon wrappers, and the occasional marker or crayon that’s rolled down the hall or under the chair
  • Vacuum – I would personally like to kiss whoever designed wood laminate flooring. If you don’t have it, you’re missing out, it’s SO nice!!
  • Mop – Bleach water is a must here after having so many sick germs, Lysol alone can not keep them all at bay
  • Clean the bathrooms – ICKY is all I will say, I have a 7-year-old boy. How is it they can hit the side of the shower curtain that faces the tub?? I mean really, some of this has to be super human. Maybe my son has the ability to urinate through solid objects? That can be the only explanation!
  • Dust – Oh I long for snow. With snow to weigh down all of the dust that blows around in the ever present Wyoming Wind I do tend to get a short reprieve from dusting in the Winter, said Winter has yet to grace us with its presence though
  • Laundry – This is last because laundry is the bane of my existence. It is by far my least favorite chore and the one I put off as long as is humanly possible. It’s not the sorting and washing I dislike, it’s the folding. While sitting to fold laundry I think of all of the other things I could and should be doing and my legs start to twitch to get up off the the couch and start moving toward a better project that’s not so tedious. This week I really need to wash bedding and clothes so this is a project that I’m sure will take at least two days to complete.

So there you have it. My plan is to be done by tomorrow evening. Elizabeth’s naps are only so long, but since Joe’s coming home today (did I mention that yet?) he can have Elizabeth duty tomorrow while I clean around them! Let’s just hope that “mommy’s girl” thing I mentioned above doesn’t apply to daddy. If so it will break daddy’s heart and really prove to be another stepping stone in my “completion of task” time line!


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