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Best laid plans… (Tackle it Tuesday Update) December 5, 2006

Filed under: Family,Life,Meme — Steph @ 2:32 pm

Well shoot. You know what they say about best laid plans? Well, see my plans below and know that phrase applies to me directly at this moment.

Elizabeth just woke up from what was probably the shortest nap of her young life. Oddly enough I was speaking to my mom last night telling her how I was concerned Elizabeth sleeps too much! HA HA!!

There’s definitely a reason for it, my usually loving, always smiling, light of my life has been supremely fussy since last night. Not just a little fussy either, the fussy that’s usually only reserved for use when strangers are about and acting like they might like to hold her (and really the definition of stranger in this instance is anyone she hasn’t seen in the last two hours so it covers a broad scope of people including her Nana’s, Papa, and Aunt Amy). She’s totally fine with “strangers” as long as she doesn’t sense that they might want to hold her. Holding is to be reserved for mom and big brother only. Interestingly she’s better with my mom than with anyone else. She can go for a week and not see her Nana Jenny but after a few minutes she warms up. Everyone else is off limits unless they’re wielding a bottle! But, I digress… You’re wondering the reason? Well let’s just say last night we were battling with some constipation and all of the discomfort that goes with it. :o( Today? Today we’ll just be polite and say we’re battling the opposite of yesterday’s problem and a bit of a sore bottom. Do you suppose she saw my list?

At least Joe will be home in a little under an hour (and Joey) and hopefully he’ll be up for some serious bonding time with Elizabeth (and I am TRULY praying she’ll be up for that and not act like she does with the aforementioned strangers) and maybe I can still finish up a few things on my list.

I did manage to get the laundry in a pile to take downstairs, the bed stripped, the mail sorted, the trash thrown away out of my car, some of Joey’s art project remnants thrown away, and take the trash out while she was napping. I guess it’s not a total loss!


2 Responses to “Best laid plans… (Tackle it Tuesday Update)”

  1. Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies Says:

    Hey with kids that sounds like a pretty productive day! Good tackles 😉

  2. Erna Says:

    Well, babies do come before housework that’s for sure. They’ll love you for it and hopefully you can sneak in some things here and there.

    My Rachel was just like your little one . . . except she only accepted her Papa. It took her two years to warm up to her other grandparents and almost three to warm up to the uncle she gets to see. My mom tells me I was very similar and grew out of it around three. So, your story brought back loads of memories. :0)

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