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Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties and deal with it

Inventions December 3, 2006

Filed under: Family,Life — Steph @ 3:10 am

While lying in bed the other night tossing and turning I was thinking of things someone could invent to make my life easier. A million things were running around in my head of course, self folding laundry (I loathe folding laundry), self washing dogs, self cleaning critter cages, self feeding pets, a mechanism to allow dogs to scoop their own poop out of the backyard, self cleaning houses, etc…

Then I realized, if everything I’d come up with was to be invented sometime in the future, I’d have nothing to do with myself! I’d be quite bored and really my position as “Domestic Goddess” would be unnecessary. I would in effect be outsourcing my own position!

There was one thing I came up with though that I think would be globally appreciated, maybe even universally appreciated… Want to know what it is? I bet you’re dying to know… Think you can guess?

The never ending toilet paper roll!!!

Being as I’m the only one in my entire house capable of replacing the roll, I usually find out at the most inopportune time that it needs replacing. How lovely would it be if I never had to find myself in that position again?!


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