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Thursday Thirteen #1 November 30, 2006

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Thirteen Things I’m thinking about today

1. My aunt… she died over a year ago but her birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, she would have been 40. She’s been in my thoughts a lot lately. I find myself crying at very odd times, my grandma (dad’s mom) says it’s supposed to get better after a year, it definitely hasn’t. Perhaps it was the unexpectedness of it all…

2. I am so thankful to have Elizabeth with us this year, there’s so much to say about her, I’ll just leave it at simply being thankful for her being with us.

3. I am thankful for my son, he is such a loving, caring, self-less person. His thoughts this year have centered around what to get his sister for Christmas, whether or not Santa knows she’s here, and picking out the perfect Christmas dress for her! What other 6-year-old thinks of his baby sister more than himself at Christmas??

4. My parents. This is their 30th year of marriage! WOW!! They are going to Hawaii for their anniversary (my mom has always wanted to go) and I hope they have such a good time! They both work so hard all of the time. I hope they can truly relax on this trip and I hope the traveling doesn’t make my mom sick.

5. Joe being home soon!! With his new job I wasn’t sure he’d get to be here for Christmas. He will be home soon I hope, he has to get a new passport and it’s been a long process!

6. Soldiers and their families that are still separated by the war. I am sad to think of all of the soldiers away from their families again this year. Some have been away many years now. I am sad for them and their families and think of them each and every day.

7. Children living in orphanages… Adopting has really made me aware of the plight of other children with no families this season. Bless them all, I hope one day there will be no orphans!

8. People in storm ravaged areas (or those who moved away from storm ravaged areas)who are not able to have holiday gatherings under their own roofs, who are celebrating the holidays without family members lost to the storms, who have had to move across country and start over and are struggling to make ends meet.

9. My niece won’t be here for Christmas. I wish this was her year. By the time she gets to visit Elizabeth will be out of the tiny baby stage. Hopefully she’ll be here soon after her new brother or sister arrives so she can spend quality time with him/her. (I say her but I’m alone in that, everyone else thinks it’s a boy! Elizabeth is praying for a girl so the girls can out number the boys and Joey is praying for a boy so the boys can out number the girls!)

10. Britney Spears… Put on some underwear and go home to your kids before you lose them!! Oh, and Paris is NOT a role model! Sheesh!!

11. Rosie O’Donnell… WOW! I sometimes think she’s a very hateful person, then she does something awesome like featuring the foster care system on the View and I remember what and who she CAN be. Why can’t she always focus on the positive rather than spending her time “outing” people who aren’t ready to be outed and picking fights?

12. My son’s costume for his Christmas program at school… I am the LEAST crafty person in the free world and I am supposed to make him a soldier’s hat?? I will be stressing about that for the next two weeks and I’ll no doubt put it off until the last minute!!

13. My house is a disaster. It’s amazing how crazy things get when I get sick. It’s like all order breaks down, the animals rebel, Joey rebels… I am in awe of single mothers!! I am only a single mother for 30 days at a time and it drives me to the brink of a serious breakdown, I can’t imagine being a single mother all of the time!

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