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Ramblings… November 30, 2006

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Tonight I thought I’d put my insomnia to use and clean my last 14 Chinchilla cages. I did 11 after dinner. But I am actually tired tonight, it’s probably the Benadryl I had to take before giving hay to the Chins… that timothy hay makes me SO sick I can’t even tell you. I break out in a rash where I touch it and I have to use my inhaler to breathe. I have no clue why it’s like that, alfalfa doesn’t bother me at all. I am not sure what I am going to do yet, I am procrastinating… I really should finish them since tomorrow is trash day and they won’t have to sit in the dumpster all week if I just get them done. I’m just thinking since I am tired enough to actually sleep I should go to bed. What to do, what to do…

Was a quiet day here, Joey is a bit ornery in the evenings, he’s not wanting to shut down and go to bed, I hate the bed time fight. It’s an every night occurrence and it is very tiring!

Tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy was an interesting one… Kudos to Christina for pushing her way back in with Burke at the end. It’s not her fault he was being an ass. The thing with Meredith and her family was sad, especially the hug with her mom at the end. Alzheimer’s is my biggest fear. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be trapped in my brain like that. Joe’s grandma has Alzheimer’s. She’s still doing very well but she has moments of forgetfulness and some angry outbursts. So far the meds are helping and she’s still living in her house but it’s only a matter of time. What a horrific disease!

George needs to take a chill. I want the push over George back, this new twist they’ve taken with his character is a tough one to stomach. Nice that he’s not getting stomped on right and left but still… where’s the old, fun loving George?

Bailey’s inner demons are probably my favorite part of the show. She is so strong on the outside but she’s so soft when it comes to her patient’s suffering or her interns suffering. She’s a very complex lady and very realistic if you actually know a surgeon!

I hope they don’t hook Izzie up with McSteamy, I have hope for her and Alex still… Who’d a thunk she’d be the one to put McSteamy in his place though?

Joey had the flu early in the week, he missed two days of school. So his teacher sent home his homework and his “project support”. The “project support” is a form we get each week, it has each day’s homework assignments on it. He has to do the homework with our help and then Joe or I have to sign it. Well… I accidentally signed Tuesday’s instead of Wednesday’s so she circled it. It’s not like it wasn’t obvious the mistake I’d made. The homework paper he returned was actually Wednesday’s so that should have been her first clue. The worst part is I feel very “scolded” so I’ll most likely sign it and put a little note apologizing. Why do I feel the need to apologize to her? Oh, and Tuesday’s paper? Not in his folder… The book that was assigned was in there so we read it, but the paper she assigned wasn’t in there. That happens a lot with her. Then we get it and Joey flips because he’s going to get in to trouble for not completing the paper. So what do I do? I once again write a note and apologize to her for not returning the paper SHE didn’t put in the folder! UGH!! I feel like I’m in 1st grade again!

I did have a semi-productive day. Two loads of laundry, a nap, mailed the water bill, returned Joey’s bad school pictures so they’ll send better ones (FINALLY, they’ve been sitting here waiting to be mailed for 2 months), cleaned 11 cages, and took a short nap in my chair. All of that in between playing with Elizabeth and Joey. Elizabeth is just too funny these days. She’s giggling and she’s very ticklish. She likes to lay on my chest when I recline my chair and she just laughs and laughs. I swear she has a smile on her face 99% of the time. She’s just so good natured. Joey wanted to play Power Rangers and draw tonight and then he held our newest kits while I cleaned out their cages. We also ordered our favorite pizza for dinner. It just felt like a pizza night, we haven’t ordered pizza in two months. Joe doesn’t like the same pizza place Joey and I do so we decided to take advantage of the fact he wasn’t here and order it tonight. Now I’ll have to cook tomorrow night after hockey instead! Maybe I should have cooked tonight and ordered pizza tomorrow… hmmm…

I think I’ve decided to just call it a night and finish the last cages tomorrow. The thought of more Albuterol doesn’t do it for me, that’s sure to keep me up the remainder of the night. Since it’s quarter to midnight I probably better get off of here and get to bed though otherwise it’s all a wasted effort. :o)

Pleasant dreams to everyone!


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